Terms and Conditions:


Funds are only available for wagers settled by 11:59 pm
eastern standard time of the previous day.

Maximum withdrawal of $2,000 per withdrawal

1 withdrawal per 7 days please include multiple payout methods
maximum withdrawals per rolling 30 days is 3

The first 2 payouts will be free of charge, the 3rd withdrawal
in a 30 day period can be done, but at a 20% payout deduction.

If your withdrawal 1s $1,000 or more,
it is required to provide multiple wallet addresses for payouts.

Players are encouraged to read all of the rules and regulations in overtimewager.com
as well as our terms and conditions any and all disputes between players and management will be referred to overtimewager.com ”s rulebook.

“Rules” will be under the account icon dropdown in the upper right hand corner.


All casino winnings have a 7 day hold. They are not eligible to be withdrawn until 7 days after winnings. Ex. Winnings from Monday are available the following Monday.

All About Rollover

What we offer:

10% 1X Rollover
25% 2x Rollover
50% 4X Rollover
100% 8x Rollover
200% 16x Rollover
300% 32x Rollover
400% 64x Rollover
500% 124x Rollover

How do | qualify for a rollover bonus?

Its now easier than ever! All you need to do is get in contact with our customer support team by pressing the “HELP” button which you can find in the toolbar menu of both the login and player portions of our website. Once you get in contact with them just choose any of the 8 options we offer for rollover bonuses and the Freeplay Will be automatically added to your account!

What's a rollover?

OvertimeWager applies rollover to all bonuses. Rollover is a preset amount of bets that you must place before you can withdraw.
In simple terms, this means that when you receive a bonus, you must bet (or rollover) the bonus cash and deposit that you receive a set number of times, before you can turn it into real cash and withdraw it.

Very important information:

Sports Bonuses must be rolled over in the sportsbook. Casino bonuses in the casino. Casino action does not count towards sports rollover, sports action does not count towards Casino rollover. If you plan to only play in the Casino, don't take a sports bonus. If you plan to only play in the Sportsbook, don't take a casino bonus. Sports rollover is accumulated based on the win amount when you bet a favorite, and the risk amount when your betis at plus odds (more on this below). If your wager happens to lose, you'll get full credit towards rollover for the risk amount.
If you take a bonus when you have a balance or pending wagers, you will stack your rollover requirements one on top of the other. Meaning, you will add additional rollover requirements that have to be met before a withdrawal. Please keep this in mind when taking reload bonuses.
If you do not want to deal with meeting the rollover requirement, don't take a bonus. If you are reading this page and now realize you don't want to meet rollover, we can remove the bonus from your account so long as you haven't used it. If you have used the bonus, you must meet the rollover requirement to withdraw.

How Rollover is calculated

When your wagers settle, your contribution to your rollover requirement will be calculated based on the results.
Rollover = Deposit Amount + Bonus amount multiplied by the rollover. This is all displayed when you make a deposit and activate a bonus. As an example, if you deposit $100 and receive a $25 bonus, with a 6x rollover, you need to place: $750 in wagers before you can withdraw (($100+$25) x 6).

How do my wagers count towards rollover?

For winning wagers rollover is accumulated based on the lower of risk or win amount. Meaning, if you bet on a favorite (-101 odds or more), your win amount is what counts towards rollover. If you bet $100 at -1000 odds, you get $10 counted towards your rollover. If you bet on an underdog (+100 or lower), then your risk amount is counted. If you bet $100 at +200 odds, you get $100 counted towards rollover.
If your wager happens to lose, we will count the full risk amount regardless of the odds attached; meaning that $100 bet at -1000 odds will count as $100 towards your rollover requirement, should it lose.
All wager types count towards rollover: Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, Round Robin, If-Bets.

Why is this so complicated?

OvertimeWager has the easiest rollover requirements in the industry. Some sportsbooks restrict what sports and markets count towards rollover. Some don't give you the bonus up front. Some won't let you access remaining bonus fundas if your account goes to zero. Some only give you the bonus if you lose your first wager.

Let's compare

The current OvertimeWager 50% signup bonus vs an unnamed Sportsbook with a 20% Signup Bonus.
Both OvertimeWager and the unnamed Sportsbook give a bonus of $100. While OvertimeWager does have $500 more in rollover, you have to deposit $300 less to get. it. OvertimeWager lets you earn your rollover on every bet that you place, whereas the unnamed Sportsbook restricts wagers that count towards rollover at -300 odds or less. OvertimeWager gives you the $100 bonus immediately, where the unnamed Sportsbook gives you $1 in bonus money for every $25 placed. At OvertimeWadger, if your balance somehow gets to $0, you can still use the full $100 to get back in the profit; at the unnamed sportsbook, you can not use or access the bonus once your cash balance goes to $0.
We'll leave it up to you to decide which is better, but before you do, take in to account that the $500 less rollover you have to do at the unnamed sportsbook is full of hidden terms and conditions. ls it really $500 less or does it just appear to be?
How can | tell how much rollover progress I've made?
Just send us an Email overtimewager(Y gmail.com or press the “HELP” button with the subject reading

“Rollover Progress”. We will respond to you within 12-24 hours.


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How do | sign up?

Please register by clicking the "Register" button on the top of the page. Once you receive your account number (ex: B1D1245). You're ready to login.

What are the options to deposit?

We accept Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Western Union, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Most options are available right through the Cashier, however if you dont see the option you are looking for you may reach out to our live chat for support.

How do | make a deposit or withdrawal?

Once you have signed upLogin and select a deposit or withdrawal method through the Cashier located at the top of your page.Make sure to follow the deposit instructions and send a Screenshot of payment confirmation to the email that reached out to you to avoid delays.If you need further assistance depositing/withdrawing or have an issue with a pending deposit/withdrawal, then connect with a live support agent.

Do you offer deposit bonuses?

Yes! We offer deposit bonuses on EVERY deposit as long as you do not have a current bonus active. The deposit bonuses we offer are:

10% Free Play Bonus (1x Rollover)
25% Free Play Bonus (2x Rollover)
50% Free Play Bonus (4x Rollover)
100% Free Play Bonus (8x Rollover)
200% Free Play Bonus (16x Rollover)
300% Free Play Bonus (32x Rollover)
400% Free Play Bonus (64x Rollover)
500% Free Play Bonus (124x Rollover)

Our rollover is based on the following equation:Deposit Amount + (Free Play Winnings x Rollover Multiplier) = Rollover (If you have any questions, please see the “RULES” tab and go to “Rollover”)

How do | get my Deposit Bonus?

After making a deposit, get in touch with our customer support by clicking “Help” then tell them you would like deposit bonus and they will get the Freeplay added within minutes!

When can | request a withdrawal?


Funds are only available for wagers settled by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time of the previous day.


The first 2 payouts will be free of charge, the 3rd withdrawal in a 30 day period can be done, but at a 20% payout deduction.

Other Questions

Reach out to our 24/7 customer support by clicking “Help” with any other questions you may have.

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